Exclusive: Tomorrow is "The Day" For CM Punk's Contract Negotiations

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Exclusive: Tomorrow is "The Day" For CM Punk's Contract Negotiations

Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:47 am

Source: wrestlezone.com

According to several high level WWE sources, tomorrow is "the day" for WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, talent relations executive John Laurinaitis, and CM Punk in regards to Punk's contract, which expires after the pay per view next Sunday in Chicago.

"This is very much like the Jericho and Jeff Hardy situations," a key WWE insider told WrestleZone exclusively this weekend, "Punk's contract has already expired, but he signed an extension through the pay per view in order to work the main event with Cena in Chicago."

There are those in WWE who are Punk-detractors, but it's obvious to management (and, some say, to McMahon) that WWE is sorely lacking in star power with the recent retirement of Edge; HHH and Undertaker off the road; and loss of other talent like Jericho, Batista, MVP and Shawn Michaels to injury, contract expiration, or retirement.

"This will really be an interesting week for CM Punk," stated the key insider. "He's got a lot of star power, and it seems like WWE even resents him for it!"

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