Exclusive: Major Backstage Heat On Flair Over NYC

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Exclusive: Major Backstage Heat On Flair Over NYC

Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:34 pm

Source: wrestlezone.com

WrestleZone has spoken with several TNA wrestlers who have confirmed reports there is enormous backstage heat on Nature Boy Ric Flair following a bizarre situation that took place in Brooklyn, New York during TNA's house show on Friday night.

Flair arrived very late to the show, which was held at MCU Park, the stadium of the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team in the Coney Island section of NYC's Brooklyn borough.

Flair did sign autographs along with many other TNA wrestlers during intermission, but then adamantly refused to participate in the after-show meet and greet with the fans. Flair claimed backstage he was never asked to do it, so there was no reason for him to sign more autographs.

"He was already there, so why not go out and thank the fans who showed up?" mentioned one TNA wrestler this morning on the phone. "It just didn't make sense. We're all out there doing our best to promote this company and try to keep it alive, and Flair is acting as if the entire wrestling business owes him. I was really disappointed in him."

Another TNA wrestler said, "Flair used to be the most popular wrestler with the boys everywhere in the world, but this entire TNA run has been a real embarrassment to his career. I grew up a fan of Flair, and I'll always respect his work, but this was a real shame!"

We'll have much more on the breaking story later tonight.

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