WWE Superstars 7/7/11

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WWE Superstars 7/7/11 Empty WWE Superstars 7/7/11

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Last week, The Usos & Trent Barreta took on Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd in a Six-Man Tag Team Match on "WWE Superstars." Catch all the action now on WWE.com!

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WWE Superstars 7/7/11 Empty Re: WWE Superstars 7/7/11

Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:13 am

Source: wrestlingnewsworld.com

WWE Superstars Results (7/7/2011) - 'The Ultimate Broski' Vs. 'The Chosen One'

WWE Superstars Results - 7/7/2011
Report by: Sam Tindall of WrestlingNewsWorld.com


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Once again it is my pleasure to join you guys this week for the July 7th edition of WWE Superstars. Your comments last week were insightful as well as encouraging and I tried to personally respond to each of them. Keep 'em comin'!


We open to a huge pop as "Oh, Radio!" hits and The Long Island Iced-Z, Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring. Josh Mathews informs us that it is "time for some fist pumpin'!"

In a match I personally am looking forward to, 'The Chosen One' Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring as his usual unhappy mug graces our presence.

'The Ultimate Broski' Zack Ryder Vs. 'The Chosen One' Drew McIntyre

Intense lock up goes into the corner. Drew kicks Zack right in the head. Drew brings him back into the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. Drew finds Zack reversing and laying some shots into him. He blocks one and scurries out of the ring with his tail between his legs.

Nunzio begins the count as Scott hypes up Ryder's internet following. Josh shoots it down by saying that what counts is what happens between those ropes. I think it's interesting to see two of the most asked about Superstars ("Where have they been?") are now facing each other on Superstars (an internet show)!

Zack launches himself with a slingshot Crossbody smashing McIntyre into the padded floor. "WOO, WOO, WOO!" Fist pumps to a mixed reaction. He puts Drew back in only for Drew to dart out of the ring again. Zack follows only to be met with a cheap shot. Drew carries him up the steel steps and goes for a Backbreaker, but instead of slamming him on his knee, he slams him HEAD FIRST onto the apron! (Wow, can you say injury?)

Zack appears to be okay despite a shot to the weakest part of the skull. Drew throws him into the ring. 1 ... 2...

Kickout. They trade a few shots and in a classic heel-vs-face match-up, Drew again gets the upper hand with a beautiful dropkick! He then kips up for good measure to some heat as Ryder sells his head. McIntyre chokes Ryder against the second rope, he pulls him into the corner and hits a clothesline. He pulls him out of the corner and hits ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE. 1 ...

Kickout. Drew continues to dominate as he lures Ryder into the corner again. At this point you begin to wonder how Ryder is doing, and to the eye he appears fine. Drew climbs to the second rope and Ryder pulls him off!

"The Ultimate Broski" takes to the ropes, knocking Drew down with a few smashes to the chest. He hits a shot on Drew in the corner before taunting the big L-I to the fans. He hits the shot to McIntyre which puts him down and taunts for the WOO! WOO! WOO! with about three guys yelling "You know it!" He proceeds to completely botch the running boot to Drew's noggin. Ryder drags him out of the corner for the cover. 1... 2...

Kickout. "Come on! Are you serious, bro?" He sets up for the Ruff Ryder and goes for it. He leaps up to Drew's shoulders and it is reversed into a Sit-Down Powerbomb by Drew! 1... 2...

Kickout by Ryder. Drew seems to get hot, but then calms himself down. He sets up for his finish and Ryder drops him, hooks his legs and jumps over for the cover! 1 ... 2 ... 3!

Winner: Zack Ryder by pinfall.

AUTHOR'S THOUGHTS: Not sure how I feel about this one. Personally, I'd love to see Drew back on SmackDown! with some of that aggression we saw at Elimination Chamber this year. It was like a glimpse at the next level of McIntyre and now we are back to well... the same ol', same ol' Drew. Nice win for Zack though, bought time! Now, if this can only transpire on RAW?

We then see a promo for RAW's confrontation between Vince McMahon and Cena as well as last week's SmackDown! contract signing between Christian and Orton in which Sheamus interfered.


A replay from last Friday's SmackDown! in which Christian continues to make his case against the "Golden Boy" Randy Orton.

Orton says he used to have respect for Christian, but now he just makes him angry. Sheamus interferes and destroys them both, tearing up the contract.

AUTHOR'S THOUGHTS: Wasn't Sheamus punted in the head a few weeks ago? The only good direction I see this going is highlighting Sheamus' Triple H-like toughness that we've seen before in matches where he just keeps coming!

We are then promoed for MitB: World Heavyweight Championship: Christian Vs. Orton without the contract ever being signed. Typical...Do you smell Triple Threat?

Promo for Cena/McMahon from RAW and promo for the Best of the Steel Cage Matches. Did I mention TV-14? Smile


Did You Know? WWE programming is available in over 600 million homes world wide? (That's it?!)

Natalya is already in the ring.

Alicia Fox makes her way to the ring and we are left wondering where the other 4 divas in this rivalry are.

Natalya Vs. Alicia Fox

The two Divas circle each other. Fox hits a shot to Natty. Natalya goes for a kick, Alicia locks her leg and quickly finds herself on her back in a Bow-n-Arrow submission. She gets out and the two exchange ending in a monkey flip. Natty hits a shoulder block. 1... 2...

Kickout. Natty then reveals she has a piece of Alicia's red hair (or extensions.) Alicia irish whips Natty into the corner and charges only for Natty to go right over her head. Natalya pulls her with her and rolls her up, bridging over. 1... 2...

Kickout by Fox. Fox again charges and Natalya reverses and locks her from behind at the waist. Holding on, Natty pushes Fox into the ropes. Fox pushes back with a thrust, sending Natalya to the mat. Fox turns around and finds Natty has alread kipped-up and arm drags Fox to the mat. She presses her knee into Fox's head and pulls on her rotator cuff. Fox pushes out of it.

Once again Natty arm drags Fox and stretches her, Stu Hart style! Natty brings her out and hoists her up for a Running Powerslam. Fox aborts out of the back and hits a monster slap to Natty's face. She then grabs her hair and WHIPS her to the mat. She then slingshots her throat into the bottom rope. Commercial break.

Promo for CM Punk's final RAW. "Will it be Cena's final RAW as well?</B itxtHarvested="0" itxtNodeId="264"> (Oh, no!)


Alicia Fox has Natalya in a sleeper hold as we come back. Natty tries to fight out and is whipped by the hair to the mat again. Fox stomps on her, flipping her own hair. She then grabs Natty's hand and bites off her nails! (Come on, Natty! You were trained in the dungeon! What is this?) Fox wraps Natalya's arm around the rope. 1... 2... 3... 4...

Fox relinquishes the hold avoiding a DQ. Fox locks her into a chinlock, Natty again rallies out of it. She goes for a bodyslam, Fox reverses into a Crossbody. 1... 2...

Kickout by Natty. Fox chokes Natty in the corner telling her she "owes her new hair." Alicia pulls her out and fails to score the pinfall. Natty roles her up and also fails. (It's sad how this rivalry that started somewhat over Natty trying to help the rookies has come down to hair pulling.)

Alicia locks in ANOTHER sleeper hold. She Snapmares Natty over and locks her legs around her head for a Scissors Submission hold. She slaps Natty's abdominal region and then acts as if her palm hurts. Natty roles onto her stomach, gets to her feet, leaving Fox helplessly hanging from Natty's neck. She backs her into the corner, Fox lets go falling to the mat.

Natty backs into the other corner trying to regain her senses. Fox misses a running knee, Natty with a big slap! She follows it up with a series of clotheslines. Cover, 1 ... 2 ...

Kickout by Fox. Natty then graces us with her delayed Suplex as the blood rushes to the skull of Fox. Pin, 1... 2...

Kickout. Natty reverses back and forth attempted pins before going for the Sharpshooter. Fox hits a boot to the chin and uses all of her bodyweight for a pin. 1... 2...


Winner: Alicia Fox by pinfall.

Cena/McMahon promo, WWEShop.com promo, Punk/Cena MitB Promo.


Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring.

A Tucson, AZ pop for the hometown jobber - Don Gonzales. (Wow, haven't seen one of these matches in a while!)

Wade Barrett vs. Don Gonzales

Wade questions Don. Don hits a shot to Wade, Wade proceeds to smash Don with a Clothesline and pummel him. He then chokes him against the ropes. 1... 2... 3...

Wade avoids DQ. He pulls Don against the ropes for another choke and makes a four count. He pummels him some more and blasts him in the skull. Don attempts to pull himself up by Wade's knee pads. "You suck!" chants from the fans directed at Barrett.

Wade irish whips Gonzales off the ropes for Don's second offensive move - a kick to the skull of Barrett. Barrett does not allow this again as Don comes off the ropes he is caught in Wade's signature spinning side slam. "Imagine that maneuver off of a 20-foot ladder," Matt exclaims!

Wade then sets up for the Wasteland and looks into the audience before connecting. 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Wade Barrett with only two offensive moves by Don.

Matt plugs a potential appearance by Barrett tomorrow on SmackDown!

Plug Cena/McMahon, Best of Nitro, Christian/Orton/Sheamus storyline for tomorrow's SmackDown!

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