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Superstars 7/14/11 Empty Superstars 7/14/11

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We Know It, Bro!
The Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder, picked up a big win last week defeating "The Chosen One" Drew McIntyre. The Ultimate Broski is prepared to turn heads on Thursday nights.

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Superstars 7/14/11 Empty Re: Superstars 7/14/11

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WWE Superstars Results - 7/14/2011
Report by: Sam Tindall of

AUTHORS NOTE: Thank you everyone for joining me again with week for WWE Superstars. I appreciate hearing your opinions on matches and had some interesting varying opinions last week. It makes me think and I enjoy that. Bring 'em on again this week! Here we go...


Of course, is 15 minutes behind and Hulu is never on time with Superstars so we are starting a bit late today...

"Invincible" by Adelita's Way introduces us and we are greeted by a fine array of fireworks.

Santino Marella dances his way to the ring as Scott Stanford and Josh Mathews welcome us to the show.

Zack Ryder, "the Self-Proclaimed Internet Champion," makes his way to the ring repping the LI. "Ryder 4 Champ"

Scott cites the last time these two met on Superstars, Santino's Cobra connected to Zack's "lower extremities" taking out his legs with a second one to the face picking up the victory.

Santino Marella vs. Zack Ryder

Act 1
The two lock up in the ring, Zack's power getting the better of Santino. The two make plays to the crowd to see who can get more adolation. Zack attempts an attack, but Santino hits a series of arm drags on Ryder. On the third attempt, Ryder nails a Clotheslne. He then takes Santino into the corner and gets some heat from the audience. Santino's momentary break allows him to knock Ryder from behind, he teases the WWE Universe by setting up for the Cobra. Ryder makes sure that doesn't happen and unsuccessfully pins Marella's shoulders to the mat for a two count! TWOOOOOOOOOOO!

Act 2
Zack nails a nice Hangman's neckbreaker, connecting Santino's neck onto his shoulder. Another failed pin attempt. A "Let's go Ryder" chant starts as Zack pummels Santino into the corner and throws up the LI as he goes for the Broski Boot. His Facewash move fails to connect as Santino flees out of the corner. Marella hits his combo of punches, split, hip toss and running headbutt. He also fails to connect with a pinfall.

Act 3
Santino, oddly enough, goes to the "high rent district" and seems to question his decision by hesitating. He goes for the Diving Headbutt and misses! Ryder then nails the Rough Ryder leg lariat for the 1 - 2 - 3!

Winner: Zack Ryder by pinfall bringing this rivalry to 1-1.

Zack shouts to, "Follow [him] on Facebook! Follow [him] on Twitter!" WWWYKI!

Promo for The Uso's Vs. Otunga & McGillicutty in our Non-Title Main Event. Can the Samoan brothers get a shot at the Champions?

Another promo for Punk/McMahon's Contract Negotiation from RAW.


Promo for Rock/Cena & WrestleMania travel packages which go on sale Saturday for those interested visit

Trent Beretta is already in the ring.</B itxtHarvested="0" itxtNodeId="341"> Striker & Korpela pump up MitB PPV.

And once again we are greeted by Wade Barrett who is making his second appearance on Superstars in a row. (Another classic example of WWE pushing someone too quickly to the main event picture and then appearing to have less faith in them. Let's hope this is not a regular occurance. I'm willing to guess he's NOT winning the SD! MitB Ladder Match.)

Trent Beretta Vs. Wade Barrett

Act 1
Wade throws an elbow at Beretta, who ducks and gets a few shots in. Barrett covers up and shows Beretta's efforts were in vain as Trent takes to the ropes and is countered with his signature Spinning Side Slam. 1... 2 ... Kickout.

Barrett kicks Trent, who gets wrapped up in the ropes. Barrett connects with a series of knees and then boots Trent out of the ring. Wade meets him outside and slams him into the apron before throwing him back in the ring. Another failed pin attempt and Barrett hits a series of shots to Beretta's face.

Act 2
A few exchanges of punches and kicks end with Trent fighting out of the Pump Handle Slam and nailing an Enzuiguri! He follows it up with an elbow in the corner. Trent flies and connects with a Corkscrew Moonsault. Barrett recovers.

With Trent on the apron, Barrett goes for a spear. Beretta moves and locks his calves around the former Nexus leader's head...pulling him out of the ring. This time it is Trent tossing Barrett into the ring.

Act 3
Trent sets Barrett up for a slingshot maneuver and jumps off the ropes straight into a Wasteland. 1 - 2 - 3!

Winner: Wade Barrett by pinfall.

Punk/McMahon RAW Recap promo.
Christian/Orton MitB Promo.


Otunga & McGuillicutty make their way to the ring. Is this the last Nexus entrance?

The Uso's prepare for battle with a Haka. It is a great way to pump people up, I must say.

Non-Title Match: WWE Tag Team Champions: New Nexus - Michael McGuillicutty & David Otunga Vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso

Act 1:
Otunga and Jey start us off. Otunga gets the upper hand after the lock up. He goes for a shot to the gut and Uso blocks, engaging in an Underhook Suplex. The bridge fails to pick up the early win. Jimmy tags in and the brother hit a Double Team Elbow Drop on Otunga. Another failed pinfall.

Otunga hits a shot to the head of Jimmy and easily tags in McGuillicutty. The match quickly breaks down as the Uso's are both thrown out of the ring.

WWE All-Stars Promo.


Act 2:
Upon return an Uso misses an elbow smash and crashes into the corner. McGuillicutty tags Otunga back into the match and keeps Uso in the corner as they double team Jey.

Otunga hits a shot to the back of Jey and fails another pin attempt. He follows up with a headlock. Jey fights out with a Jawbreaker. McGuillicutty grabs the blind tag and nails Jimmy out of the corner before Jey can get the tag he desperately needed.

McGuillicutty chokes Jey against the ropes with his knee as the New Nexus dissects the brother. Michael tags in Otunga again, who forces Jey into the corner. McGuillicutty connects with an elbow smash and David with a Clothesline! Jey tumbles to the mat and barely kicks out of another pin.

Act 3:
Otunga uses a Cobra Clutch variation with his knee in Jey's back. Jey fights out and Otunga retaliates only to be sunk with a Samoan Drop! Jimmy has since hyped up the crowd and Jey gets the hot tag! Taking to the ropes, Jimmy takes the advantage with two Clotheslines and a spinning forearm smash! He sets up in the opposite corner and nails a Rikishi butt bump whiplashing Michael's head back into the turnbuckle. He goes for the cover. 1 - 2 -

Otunga makes the save, only to be met by a Superkick from Jey Uso! Michael goes after Jey, who tosses Mike into a Superkick from Jimmy! Jimmy then gets the tag and sets McGuillicutty up for the finish...

Another tag and the Uso pays amage to Mr. Snuka with a Superfly Splash! 1 - 2 - 3!

Winner: Jimmy & Jey Uso by pinfall.

(WWE shows us how important the tag team division is to them.)

Punk/McMahon promo.

Phoenix Vs. Maryse promo.

Rey Mysterio: Life of a Masked Man DVD promo.


Cena/Punk MitB Promo.

Maryse whips her hair back and forth in the ring.

Beth Phoenix makes her way to the ring.

Maryse Vs. Beth Phoenix

Act 1
Maryse begins by whipping her ring jacket at Beth. Beth retaliates with an Atomic Drop, an axe smash and locking her into an AIRPLANE SPIN! The dizzy Maryse is clotheslined for a failed pin.

Act 2
Maryse counters Beth off the ropes with a chop block to the knee and a shot to the head. 1 - 2 - Kickout. The two time Diva's Champion pulls Beth's hair and slams her head into the turnbuckle upon letting up multiple times. She then hits a running knee to the face of Beth. Some pound and ground by the French-Canadian beauty before she steals Beth's head band and mocks her with the Glamazon taunt.

Act 3
Beth must fight out of the chinlock, she brings Maryse up on her shoulders. Maryse gets down and wails as she slaps Phoenix. Beth drives her into the corner and hits a Slingshot Suplex. They take to the ropes again and Maryse counters with a Superkick to the back of Beth's head. 1 - 2 -

Beth powers out, knocked a little silly. Maryse has the upper hand as she tries to bring Beth to her feet. Beth tries to lock Maryse's arms, she gets out.

Maryse's offense is then countered by Beth, she locks her arms and hoists her into the air for the Glam Slam!

1 - 2 - 3!

Winner: Beth Phoenix by pinfall.

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: I think that was the most exciting match of the night. Beth has clearly mastered the art of an entertaining short diva's match. Thumps up!)

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