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Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:43 pm

On Smackdown, Booker T has recently been making a list each week of Superstars that have been inmpressive to him in that 7 days, and sometimes it's just guys he likes at that time. I figure if he can do it, than I can too. Who knows? Maybe mine will even make sense! Very Happy

5. Cody Rhodes: When I predicted 2 years ago that Ted DiBiase would be the one to break out of Legacy as the star, I was dead wrong. Cody has become massively over with the audicence through using his "Dashing" gimmick and now his psycho broken-man persona. He has even stepped up his game in-ring, and is looking set to run for the IC title.
S_M.Y2J: My "Fave 5" 7/16/11 5gW3

4. Daniel Bryan: Bryan Danielson is simply one of the best wrestlers in the world. He can talk (when he's allowed a mic) and can have a good match with just about anyone. He is consistently having outstanding matches with Cody Rhodes that blow even the Smackdown main events out of the water. Bryan is my #2 pick (more like hope) to win the SD MitB contract this Sunday.
S_M.Y2J: My "Fave 5" 7/16/11 Daniel_Bryan_2

3. Sin Cara: The Mexican Sensation has been having amazing fast-paced matches as of late, and is my personal dark horse for MitB. While it sometimes shows that Cara is still adapting to how WWE does matches, he is a very fast (pun) learner. Not since the days of Rey being any good has a high-flyer interested me so much. Bueno suerte a "Dinero en el Banco" Sin Cara!
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2. Wade Barrett: I've liked Barrett since he debuted in NXT, and the the time for him to make it big time on his own may be near. He had a good run as the leader of the Nexus, but has been stuck in mid-card purgatory with The Corre & his feud with Big Zeke. I have my fingers crossed Wade takes home the MitB contract this Sunday.
S_M.Y2J: My "Fave 5" 7/16/11 WadeBarrett

1. CM Punk: If anyone has ever left WWE with as big a bang as CM Punk is, I dare you to tell me. In a few short weeks Punk has elevated himself from mid-card gang leader to the most valuable wrestler in the world, no question. I hope to the Good Lord above WWE has managed to re-sign Punk, because if he leaves, the company that signs him will gain a lot more media attention.
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