Justin LaBar: Today's A Historic Day For WWE, Destination X Was Worth It

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Justin LaBar: Today's A Historic Day For WWE, Destination X Was Worth It Empty Justin LaBar: Today's A Historic Day For WWE, Destination X Was Worth It

Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:48 pm

Source: wrestlezone.com
by Justin LaBar

Frozen Hell Was My Destination

I did it. I ordered Destination X. I really enjoyed the show. I gave in and watched at home. PWO performer Shima Xion was in the 4 way competing for a contact. The rest of the card looked interesting. Plus, I hadn't watch a single wrestling PPV at my house at all in 2011. Between being at several of the WWE PPV's, at bars doing promotions with PWO on a few PPV's, I felt that sitting at home on a Sunday night with wrestling was in order.

Seriously, the show was good. The second and third matches were added at the last minute and I think killed momentum for about an hour. But every other match offered something. Ultimate X is always an exciting match but I do feel based on the other Ultimate X matches I have seen, it wasn't in the top 5.

The fatal four way for the contract was outstanding! Fans showed an amazing appreciation for it. Is it good or bad that the match which you can argue was match of the night was by 4 guys who weren't even signed to the roster?

It was a straight wrestling show. Match, promo package and then repeat. My guess is the show didn't do any better buys than any of its other PPV's but they should be proud of what they produced for 3 hours.

I think of color commentators being colorful guys. Borash strikes me more as your straight forward play by play guy. In the color role, I would have never thought Borash being that guy. To his credit, I found Borash was inserting himself just enough to make it a 2 man broadcast but letting Tenay call the match at the proper times. Good job by Jeremy Boarash for the position he was put in.

The show was given to the performers to go out and put on great matches. No heavy influence from a creative staff but here is your time, here is who is going over, now go out and give it to them!

Today “CM” stands for Crazy Monday

7/11/11 is going to be an important day in the CM Punk saga. Both on screen and behind the scenes. As Wrestlezone has been reporting, its crunch time for the WWE to figure out what is going to happen. CM Punk has made sure the wrestling world and some of the mainstream media talk about him and hear what he thinks. We haven't seen him on live WWE television for two weeks. Even if he CM Punk is done with the WWE and nothing has happen in secret regarding him re-signing, this is still an interesting week of WWE to watch.

Imagine all of the emotions and questions that decorated the WWE halls 6 days before Survivor Series of 1997. While Punk isn't the title holder and there is no WCW who is threatening the WWE, this still makes for an important week in WWE. The Bret Hart/Vince McMahon negotations at the time were not as public as the CM Punk/Vince McMahon negotations now. The best news for WWE is that the buys for Money In The Bank will be good. The PPV concept alone lets the show automatically be bought more than Over The Limit of Capital Punishment. Then you add the CM Punk situation and it raises the stakes. Controversy creates cash, make the 3 hours count.

As always I will be tweeting live during RAW and you can follow me on Twitter
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Whatever happens tonight on RAW will provide for a great radio show on Tuesday. Wrestling Reality 1 on 1 with me on TribLIVE Radio in Pittsburgh. I will be joined by former WWE writer, John Piermarini. 3-5pm EST and you can call, tweet or email the show.

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