Destination X 2011 PPV Results

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Destination X 2011 PPV Results

Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:50 am


- Kazarian defeated Samoa Joe
- Douglas Williams defeated Mark Haskins
- Eric Young and Shark Boy defeated Generation Me
- Alex Shelley won The Ultimate X Match
- Rob Van Dam defeated Jerry Lynn
- Austin Aries defeated Low Ki, Jack Evans and Zema Ion
- X Title: Brian Kendrick defeated Abyss to win the title
- Main Event: AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels

- After their violent brawl a week prior, Kazarian defeated Samoa Joe in the opening bout with a roll-up in a match featuring Joe's submission skills vs. Kazarian's high-flying

- In an Open Challenge match, Douglas Williams defeated fellow UK native and newcomer Mark Haskins after Haskins missed a move off the top rope, allowing Williams to roll him up for the pin. After the bout, in a show of respect, Williams helped up Haskins and shook his hand.

- In X Division tag team action, Eric Young and his surprise partner Shark Boy defeated Generation Me after Shark Boy hit the Chummer on Max Buck, followed by a Wheelbarrow Suplex by Eric Young for the pin and win!

- Alex Shelley won the daredevil Ultimate X Match, becoming the new #1 Contender to the X Division Championship by beating Shannon Moore, Amazing Red and Robbie E. After his win, Alex Shelley was surprised by his injured tag team partner Chris Sabin, who came out to celebrate with him!

- Longtime rivals faced off as Rob Van Dam battled Jerry Lynn! It didn't take long for frustration to set in for both athletes. Lynn brought steel chairs into the bout, busting open RVD. However, RVD was able to counter everything Lynn threw at him. Van Dam eventually kicked Lynn with a chair and hit his 5 Star Frog Splash for the pin and the win!

- Austin Aries won an incredible nonstop four-way to earn a contract to join the IMPACT WRESTLING Roster by defeating Low Ki, Zema Ion and Jack Evans in the Destination X Contract Match after hitting a brainbuster! After the bout, with the fans chanting "Sign Them All!", SoCal Val awarded Aries his official contract - to which Aries replied "Are You Surprised?".

- Brian Kendrick became the NEW X Division Champion by defeating Abyss in a wild and chaotic bout! Abyss took control early on with his power, but Kendrick was able to bust Abyss open and bloody him. Eric Bischoff came out - but Kendrick punched him in the face! Later, Immortal came out to beat down Kendrick, but the entire X Division roster came out to fight them off! Out of nowhere, Kendrick rolled up Abyss for the pin with the referee counting from the outside! With Immortal and Abyss in total shock, the X Division celebrated with their new champion.

- In the main event, longtime friends and in-ring X Division rivals faced off as AJ Styles battled Christopher Daniels! The two superstars traded high-flying moves early on, then moved to a ground game before turning up the pace once again. Daniels missed his Best Moonsault Ever, allowing Styles to hit the Styles Clash - which Daniels kicked out of! Daniels then hit the Angels Wings, but AJ kicked out! Daniels then went for a top rope Angels Wings, but AJ blocked it, kicked off Damniels and hit THE SPIRAL TAP off the top for the win! After the bout, an upset Daniels took a moment for himself, then shook hands and hugged his longtime friend as the PPV went off the air!


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