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Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:07 pm

Josh Matthews.
S_M.Y2J: My Favorite Commentator Today Is... Joshmatthewsisatool

No, really. Watching Smackdown this past week has made me realize one thing: Josh is virtually the only man doing his job at the commentating booth. While Michael Cole is yapping on and on about his new favorite bad boy and burying the good guy to keep his own heat, and Booker T (much as I like him) is speaking nonsense and going "Ohhhhhhhhhh man guys!" at anything that could potentially be a finish, Josh is talking about the match and putting over everyone in it to the best of his ability. Meanwhile, on RAW, you still have the Cole problem, but paired with the past-his-prime Jerry Lawler. Jerry's best commentating days are behind him, and it's frankly become really creepy to hear a man his age drooling over Kelly Kelly each week. Josh puts facts about who is in the match in at the correct times, calls moves properly (seriously Book, a Spinebuster is NOT a Side Slam), and actually tries to keep your interest in a match, while Cole is destroying what could be a good Diva's or low-card match.

Sad as it makes me, I see that JR will not be back for anything other than to help call big events. With that said, I think it's pretty clear that Josh Matthews is simply the best commentator in the WWE right now.

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