Exclusive: CM Punk Situation Has Changed WWE Landscape

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Exclusive: CM Punk Situation Has Changed WWE Landscape Empty Exclusive: CM Punk Situation Has Changed WWE Landscape

Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:15 am

Source: wrestlezone.com

The entire landscape has changed in the past 24 hours or so when it comes to CM Punk and WWE, WrestleZone has learned exclusively. According to a key WWE insider, talent relations executive John Laurinaitis, who has recently been under fire for failing to re-sign Punk, is now caught in a very political game of WWE viewing Punk as a "maintenance issue" (that's the term that was used today) instead of a "must-sign talent."

"It's a weird situation," we were told this evening, "WWE realizes Punk's promo was the proverbial lightning in a bottle, but the company is very protective when it comes to public image right now, as evidenced by the fact they made (John) Cena apologize, Michael Cole go to sensitivity classes, and even fired Fit Finlay for a public relations mishap at a live event!"

"The next few days will be very interesting," a former production big wig told WrestleZone, "creative has to pitch Vince (McMahon) next week's TV shows. How they handle Punk in Boston will be the tell-tale of what's going to happen with CM Punk and WWE!"

We'll have much more on this breaking story as it continues to develop.

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