Who is your absolute favorite wrestler?

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Who is your absolute favorite wrestler? Empty Who is your absolute favorite wrestler?

Post  Mr. Morrison on Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:59 pm

I wanna know your personal favorite wrestlers (pick 1) of all time. My personal favorite is John Morrison only because he has kept me interested ever since his days as ECW champion and WWE Tag Team champion along with the Miz. He entertains me because he isn't interested in being the top dog 24/7 *see Miz or Cena*. He cares about putting a good match on whenever he gets into the squared circle by giving it all he has. Some nights I question that but I'm still a loyal fan no doubt. I don't care if his future involves pandering to the youthful crowd he still impresses me. In my mind, he should have had a world championship by now at least once as a test run. He entertained me all the way through the days of the Dirt Sheet to now with The Palace of Wisdom on WWE.com and that tells me he has charisma. Another detail that makes me think he is good is that he has his own innovative moveset. I don't care if he can't get the "Starship Pain" correct all the time as long as he gets the 1 2 3.
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