Mr. Morrison's Super Slanderous Superstar Sessions- February 22, 2012: The Great Khali

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Mr. Morrison's Super Slanderous Superstar Sessions- February 22, 2012: The Great Khali

Post  Mr. Morrison on Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:48 pm

Just give me a few moments to mentally prepare myself for this...ok, just a few more seconds...alright, I'm ready. The Great Khali is the biggest joke of a professional wrestler I have ever seen! This guy honest to God angers me because he is doing what no older talent should do, if you could even consider this tall freak talented, he is putting himself over the young talent and trying to get his name back in the history of wrestling. His only skill is being tall, thats it. Nothing else about him. Talk about a guy that is so lazy in-ring that he puts his foot on the opponent when he goes for the pin instead of actually getting down and pinning the guy. Along with that, his music is some of the most annoying crap I have ever heard, I would rather listen to Rebecca Black's "Friday" full length before I listened to the "Great" Khali's entrance music every time RAW or Smackdown airs on my television. The only time the Great Khali was ever good was when Daivari was his manager and he was a force to be reckoned with on Smackdown vs Raw 2007. Since those days he has become nothing more than a pathetic giant with no positive business interests. The only reason Vince McMahon has kept him in the WWE for so long is because he is the tallest man to ever go through the curtain. A policeman in India turned annoying turd that refuses to go down when you flush, Khali is one of the clumsiest excuses for a wrestler I have ever seen besides Alicia Fox. He doesn't know his own strength and should not be allowed to injure those who are better than him on national television. You know that old saying "the bigger they are, the harder they fall?" well, Khali has definitely fallen down hard in his career because he isn't talented, he can't draw money like half of the people on the roster, and worst of all he is putting the true nature of professional wrestling to shame with his sorry excuse of a moveset. Now, I admit if he saw this and came after me, I'd s#!t my pants, but I would never change my opinion about how stupid and clumsy he really is. So that is why this week's blog was dedicated to the Great Klumsi. May you rot in TNA in the near future.

Mr. Morrison aka Mr. Mo

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