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WWE NXT Results (8/2/11) - Matt Striker Returns To The Ring

Written by Brooks Oglesby on Aug 2, 2011 - 9:49:41 PM

WWE NXT Results - 8/2/11

-It's time for the twenty-second week of NXT Redemption! There is a recap of Titus O'Neil dominating most of the challenges throughout this season. Derrick Bateman attempting to help Darren Young win is recapped, as is the match last week between Bateman and Titus, which featured Darren coaching Bateman and helping him to victory. The opening titles roll, and commentators Todd Grisham and William Regal welcome us from Lexington, Kentucky.

-Matt Striker is in the ring, and welcomes the crowd to NXT. Titus O'Neil is introduced, and he comes out without Hornswoggle. Striker asks Titus about the possible alliance between Bateman and Young, and Titus thinks it's cute. He says he's the most dominant rookie in NXT history, and he's won practically every competition, so he understands them wanting to team up on him. He's not concerned about either of them, he's just concerned with himself.

-Derrick Bateman's music hits and out he comes with Darren Young, both holding mics. Bateman says "big talk from a big man." He says that Titus can't take away from the fact that Bateman beat him last week. Titus says that Bateman can't beat him in a one-on-one match. Darren says that the only reason Titus is leading in redemption points is because Titus panders to the audience. Darren says that he doesn't need a pro, he doesn't need the WWE Universe, because he'll do this all by himself. Bateman says that both he and Young agree that it's time for Titus to go. Titus proposes a tag team match for tonight. Striker asks if the crowd wants that, and the crowd goes nuts. Darren tells Striker to stop pandering to Titus, and the only way they'll accept the challenge is if they can pick Titus' opponent. They choose Matt Striker as his partner. Matt seems bashful, but Young says that after embarrassing him with challenges, they're going to take him to school. Titus says that tonight, he'll make it a win!


-In the words of William Regal, "Jimmy The Gimmick" is here, as JTG makes his way to the ring. We are reminded of the bet between Vladimir Kozlov and JTG over who is "more gangsta." JTG's music restarts with Vlad's TitanTron and Kozlov comes out all swagged out (sorry) in very JTG-esque gear, ice in his grill and all.

Match #1: Vladimir Kozlov vs. JTG

-They both have a stand-off in the ring and copy each other until JTG takes control with a kick to the gut. JTG gets whipped by Vlad and gets a fallaway slam which sends him out of the ring. Vlad poses on the turnbuckle, then goes out to JTG. He slams JTG's head against the turnbuckle, and tosses him back into the ring. Vladimir's in control as we head to commercial.


-JTG takes control with a missile dropkick from the second rope as we come back from commercial. JTG gets a two-count, then applies a rear chinlock. Vlad fights to his feet, but JTG hits a short-arm clothesline for another two-count. JTG clubs Vlad on the chest from behind and re-applies his chinlock. Vlad gets back up, but again JTG takes control with an awkward-looking modified neckbreaker. JTG rips the ront of the shirt Vlad's wearing and chokes him against the bottom rope. JTG hits a snapmare and starts driving his knee into Vlad's back, turning it into a surfboard stretch. Vlad gets to his feet and hits JTG with some right hands, sending him into the corner. He charges, but JTG kicks Vlad in the face, sending him into the corner instead. JTG hits his Mugshot (second-rope bulldog) for a two count and applies a front headlock. Vlad gets to his feet, hits his trapping headbutts, and hits a running powerslam. Vlad then hits his Iron Curtain modified uranage for the win.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov

-Vlad celebrates by "dancing" to JTG's music. Vlad then goes to the ring and takes one of the announcers' cell phones from the announce table, goes back to JTG, still in the ring, and planks on JTG, taking a picture with the cell phone. No, no typo. It really happened.


-Tyson Kidd's music hits and he comes out with a microphone. He stands on the stage and says "Last week, Yoshi Tatsu may have thought he won the match last week" but he reminds us that Kidd is the one who really got the "leg up". There's a recap of Kidd's assault on Yoshi's leg last week after their match. Kidd laughs at the footage and says the crowd should be thanking him. Thanks to him, there'll be no more Yoshi Tatsu music, no more Yoshi toys, and no more Yoshi Tatsu. He says he comes from a long line of respected performers, like Brian Pillman, Davey Boy Smith, and Bret Hart, guys that succeeded through sacrifice, not worshipping action figures. He says there's no room for shrines, no room for worshipping toys, and no room for Yoshi Tatsu. There's only room for Tyson Kidd.


-Derrick Bateman's music hits and he comes out with Darren Young. Hornswoggle's music hits and out comes Titus O'Neil, along with Hornswoggle and AJ, who are holding hands. Hornswoggle and AJ take a seat behind the announcer's desk and put on the headsets. Matt Striker's old music hits and out he comes in ring gear.

Match #2: Matt Striker & Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young & Derrick Bateman

-Titus and Bateman start out in the ring. Titus catches Bateman's foot and levels him with a clothesline. Titus slams Bateman into the corner, drags him out, and whips him back into it. Titus stomps Bateman in the corner, runs the ropes, and hits a shoulder block. Titus hits a scoop slam and forces Bateman into Titus' corner, and tags in Striker, who gets a nice pop. Striker its a snapmare, but Bateman hits a headlock takedown. Striker gets up and hits a dropkick, and the two begin to trade holds before Striker gets the tag to Titus. Titus hits a knee to Bateman's head and slams Bateman back into the corner. Meanwhile, Hornswoggle is mumbling on commentary and AJ is clearly enjoying his company. Titus has a chinlock applied, and then picks Bateman up for a vertical suplex. One-count for Titus. Bateman gets up and takes control with clubbing blows to Titus' back. Titus gets Irish whipped, but he grabs the rope. Bateman charges, Titus ducks, and Bateman goes tumbling over the top rope. Hornswoggle happily barks as we go to commercial.


-Striker and Young are in the ring as we get back from commercial. Striker in in control with a side headlock. Young reverses into a wristlock, but Striker does a backflip using the top rope as an aid, and whips Young into the corner. Young grabs Striker and hits a downward spiral onto the second turnbuckle. A back suplex from Young leads to a tag to Bateman. Bateman clubs Striker's back and drops him with a punch to the face. Bateman applies a half-nelson and Striker gets to his feet, but Bateman slams his head back down. Bateman tries to hit a scoop slam, but Striker attempts a quick roll-up. Bateman kicks out and drops Striker with a clothesline. Bateman hits a cheap shot on Titus on the apron and Bateman tags in Young. Young hits a clothesline on Striker from the apron. Young then gets in and hits another clothesline, not allowing Striker to get the tag. Young grabs Striker by the chin and mouth and wrenches it back. He lets go and whips Striker, but Striker flips right over Young and attempts a quick roll-up. Young kicks out and tags in Bateman, who takes control with a snap suplex. Striker reels in the corner and Bateman charges. Striker moves out of the way as Bateman jumps up and attempts a double knee attack. Striker gets the hot tag as does Bateman and Titus is leveling Young with clotheslines. Titus knocks Bateman from the apron and catches Young with a scoop slam for a two-count. Young tries for a quick pin, using the second ropes for leverage, but Striker knocks his feet off the rope. Darren goes after Striker on the apron, but Striker jumps off the apron. Darren turns around and runs into the Clash of the Titus for the three-count.

Winner: Matt Striker & Titus O'Neil

-Hornswoggle and AJ enter the ring as Titus and Striker celebrate. Hornswoggle gets AJ up on his shoulders and Titus picks up AJ. as the show goes off the air.

-That's all for this week's NXT Redemption. Thanks for reading.


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