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A New Regime
In a startling turn of events, Mr. McMahon was fired by his own Board of Directors & son-in-law Triple H! What new changes will "Mr. Hunter" bring to the WWE?

RAW 7/25/11 20110718_raw_tripleh_vkm2_l

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Source: wrestlezone.com

RAW Opener:

WWE Championship
Rey Mysterio vs The Miz

Miz takes Rey down with a shoulder block and Rey kicks him then goes for a corner hurricanrana, but Miz holds on and throws him headfirst on the turnbuckle. Miz waits across the ring, then runs and hits a clothesline in the corner and continues to keep Rey down with kicks to the back. Miz puts him in a headlock and Rey tries to fight out, but he gets dropped with a knee to the gut and Miz kicks him again for good measure. The referee breaks them up near the ropes and Rey runs the ropes only to get thrown outside and Miz dropkicks him through the ropes. Miz tries to bring Rey back in the ring, but Rey grabs the apron and takes Miz down with a headscissors that sends him into the steps.

After a commercial, Miz has Rey in a headlock then hits him with a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for a near fall. He continues to try and slow Rey down with a suplex, but Rey floats over and shoves Miz into the ringpost, then leaps off the top with a seated senton for two. Miz fights him off with kicks to the stomach and a DDT, but Rey is able to kick out, only to eat a big boot off the ropes and kick out again at two. Miz is starting to grow frustrated, and Rey rolls him up for two, then kicks Miz in the knee and sets up for a 619. Miz sees it coming and moves off the ropes, then powerbombs Rey off the ropes and sets up for the Skull Crushing Finale.

Rey grabs the ropes so Miz puts him on the top rope and drops him into the Tree of Woe and tries a running knee smash. Rey sits up to avoid it, and Miz hits the ringpost with his bad knee, while Rey knocks him into position for the 619. He connects with it and goes up top and connects with a top rope splash, then makes the cover to become the new WWE Champion.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion- Rey Mysterio

Miz attacks Rey after the bell, then leaves him laying as Alberto Del Rio comes out to cash in Money In The Bank. Alberto goes around to the announce table to hand in the briefcase, and Rey leaps out of the ring on top of him to send him crashing into the announcer's table. Alberto grabs his briefcase and runs to the back saying "No Mas" and leaves Rey to celebrate his title win.

Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs Evan Bourne

Both guys take turns leapfrogging each other until Bourne knocks Dolph out of the ring then kicks him on the way in. Dolph takes him in the corner and stomps him on the mat, then dropkicks Bourne for a two count. He keeps Bourne down with a side headlock then tries to suplex him but Bourne hits him with knees to the head and a dropkick. Bourne clotheslines him twice then runs at Dolph and gets knocked down, but Bourne jumps right up and knocks Dolph off the top rope. He goes for Air Bourne but Dolph rolls away, and leaps up and hits the Zig Zag. He locks in a sleeperhold and makes Bourne pass out to win the match.

Winner - Dolph Ziggler

The Bellas and Eve are arguing in the back and Keith Stone comes up to them and tries to sort things out. Eve says they switch places in matches so he "quickly draws" an arm sleeve tattoo on Nikki's right arm and all three ladies act impressed. The Bellas walk away and they try to figure out how to get the ink off. Eve tells Keith Stone that was "smooth."

(It was lame, it was a sleeve they put on while they cut the camera away. Nothing better than any of the corny segments they usually do with superstars or guest hosts.)

Maryse & Melina vs Eve & Kelly Kelly

Eve starts against Maryse and Eve hits a STO and a standing moonsault, then shoves Maryse in the corner. Melina runs distraction then Maryse takes her down and stinkfaces her in the corner. Melina tags in and taunts Eve, then gets kicked in the stomach and she makes the tag to Kelly. Kelly Thesz presses Melina and slaps her ass and taunts Maryse, then avoids Melina jumping on the ropes and drops her with the K2 for the win.

Winners - Kelly Kelly & Eve

Triple H comes out to make a statement and a major announcement, and he says he has something to say before they start. He says he wants to acknowledge his job and all of the millions of fans that they have, and it is because of one man. He says it is thanks to Vince McMahon, and he wants to thank him from the bottom of his heart. Now that is over, so he wants to talk about the future, and congratulates Rey Mysterio for winning the championship. He says since he is running things, he will do it a little differently, and there will be a second Championship match tonight. HHH talked to both guys, and they agree it needs to happen since the challenger was cheated, and Rey vs John Cena will happen tonight!

HHH teases the crowd and says he listened, and signed someone back to RAW, and they chant for CM Punk, but go nuts when they find out that it is Jim Ross! Cole hates it and JR goes to the ring and shakes HHH's hand, then says hello to King and gets ignored by Cole. The fans chant you suck at Cole, and he takes off his headset and gets on the announcer's table with a microphone. He says no disrespect to HHH, but JR isn't the future and Cole has done everything they asked of him, but he refuses to work with JR. Cole mocks JR and says he is only back because his restaurants closed and he wants to kiss HHH's ass now.

HHH asked if he is done, and says he expected him to act like that, but he didn't fire him, so if he wants to leave then it's on him. HHH tells him if he leaves then he is in breach of contract and he will give him the night off from commentary to think about it. He says if he shows up Friday to Smackdown then he knows he wants his job, and Cole says he won't quit and he will just do his job. HHH tells him not to sit down because he has a match, since he said he is off of commentary but he doesn't have the night off. Cole says he is retired but HHH tells him to get to the trainer's room and get his gear because his match is up next.

R-Truth comes out while Cole leaves and he says HHH was always part of the conspiracy, but he likes what he sees, and asks what HHH can do for him. He wants to know what he can do to make it right with Truth, and HHH mocks him for talking to himself. Truth gets pissed off at him and says HHH is the game, but he isn't playing and leaves the ring. HHH tells him to wait and says he signed another guy, and he wants a piece of Truth. John Morrison comes out and they fight down the ramp and into the ring where Morrison takes Truth down and knocks him out with Starship Pain.

Michael Cole vs Zack Ryder

Cole tries to shake hands but Zack throws him into the corner and pumps it up and hits the Rough Ryder for the win.

(Yes, that was really the match, but who cares, Iced Z is back on Monday nights!)

Winner - Zack Ryder

Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

Alberto headbutts Kofi then whips him off the ropes only to get rolled up for a two count. Kofi throws him outside and tries a suicide dive, but stops when Alberto runs away. Alberto is in command after the break and he is focusing on Kofi's shoulder in the corner of the ring. The ref breaks them up then Kofi avoids a shoulder block by Alberto and he goes up top and hits a big crossbody for a near fall. Kofi is holding his arm but hits a heel kick and flying clothesline, then hits the Boom Drop and gets ready for Trouble In Paradise.

Alberto avoids it and drops Kofi on his shoulder, but Kofi recovers and tries going up top only to have Alberto drop down and make a cover. Kofi rolls through, but Alberto grabs the ropes to avoid the pin and rolls to the apron. Kofi goes to bring him back in, but Alberto was waiting and snaps Kofi's arm off the top rope and gets him to submit to the Cross Armbreaker.

Winner - Alberto Del Rio

Josh Mathews tries to get a word with Miz, but Miz is still pissed off and tells him to shut up. He says he can't believe Cena is getting a title shot tonight after him being the reason they have no champion. He then says Rey shouldn't even be a champion because he wears a mask and won't be must see like he is. He says Rey is a faceless champion, and says he can't do great interviews and photo shoots like Miz, then says HHH's new direction for the WWE is stupid, and it is also a mistake.

WWE Championship
Rey Mysterio (c) vs John Cena

Rey kicks Cena to avoid him, then hits hard kicks to Cena's left leg, and rolls up Cena for two. He puts Cena in a headlock but Cena side suplexes him to get out of it, then Rey goes back to kicking the leg and hits a bulldog for two. Cena whips him into the corner but comes up empty, and rolls outside while Rey regains his composure then leaps over the ropes and onto Cena outside. When they both get up, Cena tries whipping Rey into the steps, but Rey springs off the steps and leaps at Cena, who ducks him and clotheslines him on the floor. Cena rolls him back inside and bearhugs him, but Rey counters with a DDT and gets a two count.

Both guys take some time getting up and Rey kicks at Cena and almost gets taken down in the STF, but Rey crawls to the ropes to break the hold. Rey ends up on the apron and Cena tries to bring him but Rey snaps his head on the ropes and tries a 619, but Cena catches him coming through the ropes and powerslams him for a two count. Cena hits a shoulder block and goes for another, but Rey kicks him right in the ribs and both guys are down as the ref starts counting to ten.

Cena tries a side slam and Rey rolls through with a headlock takeover, and Cena picks him back up and they keep reversing each other's attmepts until Rey drops Cena and gets a close two count. They both use the ropes to get back up, and Rey trips Cena in the corner and goes up top and gets a seated senton for two. Cena holds his leg and tries the STF, but Rey reverses and puts Cena in the STF! Cena starts to fade but he gets to his feet and tries throwing Rey on his shoulder only to have his leg give out. Rey hits a 619 and goes for the big splash, but Cena gets a knee up and both guys are hurting.

Rey tries going up top but Cena powerbombs him out of the corner and Cena goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a legdrop for two. Cena waits for Rey to get up and sets up for the AA, but Rey dropkicks him onto the ropes and tries another 619. Cena counters him again and hits the AA and makes the cover to win the championship!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion - John Cena

Cult of Personality starts playing over the PA and Cena looks confused, then asks for a mic but sees CM Punk make his return to RAW! The fans are going nuts and Punk makes his way to the ring wearing (the real) WWE Championship and Cena looks surprised and says he is the real champ. He holds up the title and gets some cheers, then Punk does the same and gets a bigger reaction from the crowd as they face off and RAW goes off the air.

RAW 7/25/11 20110725_raw_punkreturns_r

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