Backstage Heat on Randy Orton for Recent Comments

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Backstage Heat on Randy Orton for Recent Comments Empty Backstage Heat on Randy Orton for Recent Comments

Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:11 pm


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that there was a lot of backstage heat on WWE World Champion Randy Orton stemming from comments he made in a recent interview with 98KUPD based out of Phoenix, Arizona.
Orton made several candid comments, including labeling WWE Diva Kelly Kelly as promiscuous, and revealing that she has been in sexual relationships with several WWE names throughout her years in the company.

Additionally, Orton spoke out on a number of other topics including his past drug use, The Rock needing a teleprompter to cut promos, and offered harsh criticism of actresses that have played his wife on WWE TV.

The general backstage feeling, however, is that Orton will not face any punishment as he is considered one of the "big three golden boys" in WWE. A source close to the situation noted that if a mid-card talent had made remarks like that, he or she would have suffered "MVP or Carlito type career burial."

His comments towards Kelly Kelly were especially greeted with negativity, since WWE portrays her on TV with a PG type wholesomeness, and Orton claiming that he could name 10 men that Kelly has slept with could have potentially harmed company image.


Portraying Kelly as a dumb blonde, hopping around showing off the goodies is wholesome? Laughing

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