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Martyn Nolyn's A British POV: Entering the Bermuda Triangle Empty Martyn Nolyn's A British POV: Entering the Bermuda Triangle

Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:07 pm

by Martyn Nolan

We have entered one of the most entertaining few weeks within the wrestling industry easily within the last ten years. People argue that the Nexus debut on RAW was an angle that left everyone with the jaw open after the show went off-air. Personally it didn’t cause too much of a stir with me. CM Punk, Vince McMahon and John Cena in the last few weeks have done something nothing short of amazing. It has made me sit on the end of my chair at the end of each RAW for the past three weeks begging for me to see what happens next week. This is a feeling I’ve not experienced since the attitude era. I still stick by my guns and say that Punk has already made a new deal and everything is being kept secret. Many classic moments have happened on the last three weeks alone but everyone still has their doubts whether WWE are going to drop the ball with this.

Punk, Vince and Cena have now entered Bermuda Triangle and the point of no return. Cena has been called out on his current character; Punk is obviously now being made the standout star of the show and Lord knows Vince is being punked out on his current direction of the company. Can they really have Cena win and everything just turn back to normal? It would certainly be damaging for the crowd WWE has managed to pull in for this one PPV if they just spat on their face with a mediocre direction. The gained fans will just drop off like they have before and in the long term WWE will have achieved nothing.

WWE have the opportunity to go in a direction that nobody has done for a very long time. I surely don’t expect Punk to take the title and defend it on other promotions, but it would be nice if the title got taken hostage in some fashion. Who wouldn’t love it if CM Punk walked around the arena’s where TNA and ROH are performing showing off the old Winged Eagle WWE Championship? This rivalry has legs to say the least and hopefully we will be treated with a shock of some sort at the PPV. The money in the bank concept is no longer something that ‘shocks’ me. The only direction WWE can take this year to do something different with the Money in the Bank concept is to have someone cash it in and lose.

I would love it if Punk beat Cena and then someone cashed in and lost with the PPV ending on Vince staring in disbelief. It would make me want to watch RAW. If Cena or Del Rio (through cashing in) walks out with the belt and Punk isn’t involved after Sunday then I’m going to be forced to watch RAW with a frown.

The other direction I could see WWE going is if Vince screws Cena out of the title and Vince and Punk form some alliance. This could still work in creating an edgier product which everyone is dying for and still keeps the kids loving Cena for his revenge. Mick Foley could always be revealed as the RAW GM and re-instate John Cena in time for Summerslam where they could have the rematch.

WWE has many options. Don’t start a storyline which caters to your “10%’ers” and then screw it over with no end game.

On the other side of the coin Smackdown continues to impress me. RAW is the show with the promo’s and the surprises whereas Smackdown has become the WRESTLING show again. Very little promo’s are being produced and in ring action is where the heart is. Randy Orton, Christian, Sheamus, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, Sin Cara, Ezekiel Jackson, Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett are all getting good TV time and genuine competition is looking strong.

Here’s hoping this continues and rivalries aren’t rushed and storylines aren’t thrown to the curb.

WWE have pulled in more fans this Sunday than probably WrestleMania and they need to prove at the minute it CAN be edgy in PG, It CAN produce WRESTLING and it needs to prove that they still care about WRESTLING FANS OPINIONS.

Do you agree? Do you think WWE will drop the ball? Do you think Punk will stay? Do you think Vince really cares or do you think we’re in for a big disappointment?

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