Colt Cabana Possibly Headed to WWE?; TNA Touts Aries Signing

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Colt Cabana Possibly Headed to WWE?; TNA Touts Aries Signing Empty Colt Cabana Possibly Headed to WWE?; TNA Touts Aries Signing

Post  Save_Me.Y2J on Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:06 pm


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Colt Cabana has been telling indy bookers that he will not be accepting bookings after next month. Additionally, Cabana has yet to re-sign with Ring of Honor and recently worked an injury angle in NWA Hollywood. This has of course lead to speculation that he might be working on a deal with WWE, as his name has been brought up on Raw during recent CM Punk promos. It should be noted that nothing has been confirmed or announced by WWE or Cabana. has posted the following:
IMPACT WRESTLING officially announced the signing of X-Division star Austin Aries, in what company officials are signaling as the first of several upcoming signees to a reinvigorated X-Division following the success of Sunday night's "Destination X" live pay-per-view event. If you missed it, watch the replay of the "Destination X" event on your cable or satellite provider!

Aries, who will officially be joining the X-Division roster Thursday night on IMPACT WRESTLING (9pm ET/PT on Spike) earned a contract by winning a four-way match against hopefuls Low Ki, Zema Ion and Jack Evans in an unbelievable bout; IMPACT ZONE fans began a chant of "Sign them all!" after Aries took the win that went worldwide with a #SignThemAll trending topic across Twitter.

"Austin's unique style and intensity will be a great addition to the X Division," TNA Vice President of Talent Relations Bruce Prichard said. "Aries brings an arrogance and a confidence backed by tremendous physical ability."

In addition to Aries signing, Prichard added, "based off of various X Division performances throughout qualifying events on IMPACT WRESTLING and Sunday night's outstanding "Destination X" pay-per-view, TNA will be signing several new additions to the X-Division roster in coming weeks.

"Our goal now is to reinvent and redefine the X-Division as something unique to all of pro wrestling," Prichard said.

As for potential new X-Division Superstars, Prichard said that both former and new X-Division names are currently being considered, and that the evaluation will be ongoing.


I think the Cabana/WWE signing is a load of crap, as most things from the Wrestling Observer & Dave Meltzer are.

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