Mr. Morrison's Super Slanderous Superstar Sessions- July 21, 2011: Jeff Hardy

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Mr. Morrison's Super Slanderous Superstar Sessions- July 21, 2011: Jeff Hardy Empty Mr. Morrison's Super Slanderous Superstar Sessions- July 21, 2011: Jeff Hardy

Post  Mr. Morrison on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:40 pm

This week, I am going to go on a journey to figure out why people still like Jeff Hardy, brother of the "star" last week's session. This six foot 2 drug addict had a very decorated career in the WWE alongside Matt, but has now tanked low enough to become material for this blog. Jeff was the WWE Champion, and now he is in the low card section of TNA. What happened exactly? It all started with a little thing called weed. He heard about the magical plant that dulls the senses and calms your nerves and decided to try some for himself. Unfortunately, the magical plant betrayed him and sunk his career like the Titanic. So why do people like Jeff Hardy today? All this and more on this edition of Mr. Morrison's Super Slanderous Superstar Sessions.

Jeffrey Nero Hardy, one of the world's most popular high flyers in wrestling. He started out with his brother Matt in WWF working jobber matches and eventually making their way up to mid card status. Though Jeff has been involved in some of the greatest matches in WWE history, I still can't help but hate the guy. Why some of you would ask? Its simple. He does too many drugs and he is not a good in ring competitor and also has no mic skills. His most recent failure was showing up to a championship pay per view match stoned off his anus. I'm not going to rip into his creatvity, but I would just like to say that pot does not always make good art. Jeff also does motocross, singing in the band Peroxwhy?gen, and motivational speeches. Motivational speeches are you serious? The guy can't even keep his own life straight and is in serious trouble with the law. Kids all around the world take Jeff here as some kind of role model. Well kids, does this guy really look like someone you want to become in 10 years? This is a mugshot taken in 2009.

Mr. Morrison's Super Slanderous Superstar Sessions- July 21, 2011: Jeff Hardy Polls_jeff_hardy_mugshot_photos_2433_67095_poll_xlarge

Parents, if your child is a Jeff Hardy fan and you care about their well being, tell them to find another favorite superstar because Jeff Hardy is not a suitable role model. Or better yet, don't watch IMPACT Wrestling. Jeff indulges himself in drugs and alcohol because he "wants to relieve pain and stress?" Hey Jeff, why don't you try rest and relaxation that doesn't involve the use of illegal substances? I know it may sound hard but trust me, you can bounce back and make something better of yourself. Do you really think your parents and ancestors would approve of the lifestyle you've chosen? The path you took? Well I'm pretty sure they wouldn't unless they were as stoned and stupid as you. Get a life you has been. Thanks for viewing and "tune in" next week when I pour my verbal excrament on the Miz.

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