RAW July 4th, 2011 Results

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RAW July 4th, 2011 Results

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Play By Play Results Courtesy of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Cena to the ring, but not smiling as usual. He says there's major unresting the WWE Universe. Punk said things that didn't mesh well with the brass of the WWE. Because of this Punk is suspended indefinitely. He's also been stripped of his chance to face Cena for the strap. Tonight there's a remedy. A Triple Threat to decide the new #1 contender.

As for Punk, we're just supposed to sweep him under the rug, ignore his accomplishments, his legacy, his outbursts and pretend he never existed. Never seen eye to eye with Punk. But as champ he's weighing in saying it sucks. They don't agree on much, especially Punk's commitment to this brand. What Punk's is thinking of doing with the strap is something Cena never would. He's been suspended for speaking his mind, telling how he feels. He knows this world and it's a PG show. Cena knows what he can and can't say. Punk's outburst was at Cena's expense. He doesn't agree with Punk, but sees nothing wrong with it.

His question to the WWE Universe is where does this stop? Where does the WWE stop? There was an incident where Bryan was fired for being too aggressive. There's been speculation that at WWE events, WWE representatives confiscated signs fans make. Punk's been suspended indefinitely for speaking his mind?

Cena holds a mic out to the fans who are chanting. He pulls back the mic and says for those who can't hear that, they're chanting, "First Amendment!" The freedom of speech! So they take that away and what's next. "Look at me, I'm fashion icon! I look like the Kool Aid Man in jorts!" What if they say he can't be him? He suspended indefinitely? They going to tell the audience they have to look and act a certain way? That's not why he signed up for this and certainly not why he defends this.

Cole, this goes bigger than little emails going back and forth, so there will be no Anonymous GM interrupting his tirade tonight!

Tonight he wants answers and from the man who made this decision - VKM. His apologies to the RAW GM, Cena went over his or her head and called VKM today. He's on his way in his private jet and promises to be in the building. Trust him, when VKM gets here they're not talking backstage where he can get any PC answer. Cena says VKM will be in the ring with some 'splainin' to do tonight! More importantly VKM will hear first hand from his WWE Champ that Cena wants to face Punk at MITB! Cena determinedly leaves the ring as Cole and King talk about how mad Cena is.

The Bellas to the ring in black. Video of one of the Bellas tapping to Kelly last week, then after the match when she was attacked, Eve save Kelly's bum. Kelly and Eve out to the ring, all smiles.

Eve and a Bella lock up. The Bella sent flying, then eats a short clothesline. Eve dances, bouncing her booty, then hits her standing moonsault. The other Bella tags in and takes Eve out of the ring hard. Up on the apron the Bella slams her arm hard on the second rope. Eve pinned for two, then the other Bella hangs the same arm up top. More work on Eve's left arm. Eve gets a roll up, but the Bella nails a beautiful reversal to pin the Bella.

More abuse on Eve, but she was finally able to tag out. Kelly hits a Thesz press, then slaps the Bella on the ass. More screaming abuse on the Bella, then a stink face that made King happy. Kelly hits her new finisher, screaming the whole time and gets the three.

Winners - Kelly & Eve

Cole talks up Andy as the Bellas lick their wounds on the ramp and the faces celebrate in the ring.

Video on Andy and his silent rage. Flashbacks to Tough Enough. Steamboat talks up Andy and his moniker. Dusty talks that he could be big. Andy waxes eloquent on himself.

Backstage R-Truth is on the phone with Flo from Progressive and why he's getting so screwed on his insurance. Stanford steps up and asks about his thoughts of possibly getting another shot at Cena. R-Truth says he shouldn't be having to fight for it. After last time, he should be awarded a new shot. It's all a conspiracy. The good news is he saved 15% on his car insurance by switching the Geiko! The bad news is someone's going to get hurt tonight. Someone's going to get got!

R-Truth turns to see Alberto Del Rio standing there. R-Truth says first it's Little Jimmies, now it's Senor Jimmy? It's aint fair, it aint right. ADR says it's about destiny! It's his destiny tonight to win and become Champion, but R-Truth already know that.

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

The odd fellows to the ring in matching blue tonight. The Nexus boys out without Punk or the injured Mason Ryan.

Santino poses and pumps up at Otunga. They lock up, Santino pushed back. Lock up and Santino pushed back again. Santino feigned a kick, but then ate a right from Otunga. Another blow to Santino, but he came back by floating over Otunga and setting up the cobra. McGillicutty tags in and on Santino with blows. A forearm and atomic drop to McGillicutty, then Kozlov tags in.

Blows to McGillicutty, then slammed to the mat. Into the face corner and Santino tags in. Kozlov sends Santino into McGillicutty as a battering ram, then Kozlov tags back in and lands McGillicutty up across a corner. Otunga taunts Kozlov, distracting so McGillicutty nails a chop block. Otunga tags in and they both slam into Kozlov in the heel corner. Otunga on Kozlov more. McGillicutty tags in and they try to double suplex Kozlov, but he takes them both over hard to the mat.

Santino tags in and comes at McGillicutty with blows to the head. Santino splits to the mat to avoid McGillicutty, then gives him a hip toss. Otunga rushes Santino and get the same treatment. Santino's diving head butt, then he sets up the cobra. Otunga coming through the ropes ate the cobra, but this was enough of a distraction for McGillicutty to hit a swinging neck breaker on Santino for three.

Winner - Nexus

Suddenly Ryder out on the stage and says, "Woo, woo, woo! You know it!" Everyone in the ring and at announce are confused. King tries to explain it to Cole who just doesn't get it.

Backstage Miz is with Stanford. He wonders what strategy Miz will use against Riley. Miz says Punk is suspended, another golden shot for the Title, but he wasn't picked to compete due to Riley. He's a nuisance. He could have kicked Riley to the curb a long time ago. Miz gave his life and an opportunity Riley abused. That will end tonight. He brought Riley into the WWE and he'll take him out. Because he's the Miz and he's awesome!

Backstage Evan is hanging with Sgt. Slaughter! Evan says it's the 4th of July and they couldn't be prouder to have him there tonight. Sarge says there's no place he'd rather be than to lead the fans in the Pledge of Allegiance, the way he used to. Swagger steps into the frame. He asks Sarge if he wasn't there when this country declared their allegiance? It should be Swagger, the all American American, not someone who sided with Iraq during the Gulf War! It's okay because he said he wants his country back. Sarge says everyone makes mistakes! He has, Evan as and Swagger's parents have made a mistake not using birth control. Swagger says Sarge is looking a little cute at the mouth there. Why not make a mistake and get in the ring with Swagger tonight. "You're on maggot!" Swagger walks off and says a cobra clutch on the all American puke! Evan says Swagger doesn't know what he's getting himself into.

Jack Swagger vs. Sgt. Slaughter

Swagger out in his arrogant way. Slaughter out to huge pop! Huge "USA!" chants. Swagger yells at the fans as Slaughter readies himself and Cole talks smack about Sarge. Blows from Swagger, then shoulder blocks in a corner. Slaughter on Swagger with blows and backs him into a corner. Swagger whipped, but comes out with the cobra clutch. Slaughter slammed back into a corner, then nails a short clothesline. Swagger nails his splash off the corner for three.

Winner - Swagger

Swagger still yelling smack at Slaughter. Swagger locks on the ankle lock. Evan out to rescue his hero with a big boot. Swagger sent out of the ring, then Evan over to check on Slaughter. Evan calls for a mic. Slaughter leads the fans the in the Pledge! Handshake and hugs to Evan.

#1 Contender Triple Threat Match - Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio

ADR already in the ring. R-Truth out to face him. Rey out in his normal fashion, wearing white, to the ring.

ADR rushes R-Truth and stomps him in a corner. Rey waits then attacks ADR. Rey stomps R-Truth, but then is kicked then whipped by ADR. Rey gets his feet up. Rey rushes R-Truth, but ADR hits Rey with a drop kick from the side. R-Truth sent out, then ADR on Rey. ADR pins, but only gets two. ADR rushes Rey who pulls the middle rope down. ADR flies out of the ring getting nothing but air. Rey runs the ropes to get momentum to fly out, but R-Truth in and nails Rey with an unexpected forearm. R-Truth pins Rey for two.

R-Truth on Rey with blows to the head. R-Truth taunts the fans, then back to stomping Rey in a corner. Rey rolls out and R-Truth follows to nail Rey with a blow. Rey into the barrier, then R-Truth on ADR with a blow. ADR sent into the barrier opposite from Rey. R-Truth rolls Rey back in and pins for tow. Rey is whipped face first and hits the mat for two from R-Truth. R-Truth then on Rey on the mat. R-Truth then flies out and lands on ADR before returning to the ring and on Rey for a huge side slam for two.

ADR back in and nails R-Truth with a big boot to the back of his head. ADR on Rey, but then eats a solid hurricanrana sending him flying. R-Truth grabs Rey and sets him up top. R-Truth climbs, on Rey with blows, then suddenly ADR is there on R-Truth from behind. ADR with R-Truth on his shoulders Rey flies with a cross body on R-Truth to the mat. (ADR gets an armbar on Rey, don't know why this wasn't in the article.)

Winner: ADR

Dolph out in a white suit, black shirt and untied bow tie in turquoise! Vickie in tow in low slung faded jeans and a 4th of July tank top. EXCUSE ME!! EXCUSE ME!! She says tonight's very special night. We're celebrating the Birthday of the USA. Since Dolph is our US Champion, she thought it would be fitting for them to give him a birthday as well. She demands everyone stand to sing to him. EXCUSE ME!!

King refused to stand, Cole is all up in that. She starts singing and blowing him Dolph's ear. He looks very uncomfortable about the whole thing. She asks if he has a wish before blowing out the candles.

He says he doesn't have a wish, but does want to say something. They don't know how good they have it. They're witnessing one of the best in the WWE - in his prime! There will be other Cenas and Ortons, but there will never be another Dolph! These people have no idea what it takes to be a natural. Forget Punk and Cena, forget the WWE Champion. As long as Dolph has the us Title, that’s all the fans need to make Monday night RAW - perfection!

Kofi's music cuts Dolph off. Cole rips on Kofi not being from this country. Kofi asks what's all this? Having a party and not invite him? Dolph can come out and party? Kofi says without Vickie, Dolph can't beat Kofi.

Dolph says they used to be toe to toe, tore it up every night. Kofi's still here, but Dolph's heading here. They're having a celebration, so beat it! Dolph got in Kofi's face, so Kofi pushes back and Vickie ends up sitting in the cake. They fight out of the ring, then back in. Vickie then ends up landing front first in the cake. They then Dolph chases Kofi up the ramp and out as Vickie tries to gain some composure and leaves the ring. Video of Vickie landing the in cake twice, as if we had already forgotten what had happened to her.

Miz vs. Alex Riley

Miz to the ring, all pissed off. Riley out to the ring ready to fight. Video montage of Riley's life and career.

They lock up and Riley backed into a corner. Riley pushes him off, then puts Miz in the corner. Riley with blows. Riley whipped then moves, Miz eats corner. Miz sent out over the top. Riley out after him. Blows to Miz, but Riley gets attacked as he's heading back in the ring. Big boot to Riley for two. Knees to Riley's face, then a chinlock on Riley in the center of the ring. Riley struggles, but to his feet. Blows, then Miz is sent flying. Riley rushes Miz, but eats corner. Miz hits Riley with a DDT for two. Coles says VKM is on his way, then Miz chokes Riley with a knee in the ropes. High knee to Riley and Miz gets two from it. Cole goes off about how Miz was treated as Riley starts coming back, but eats a flapjack for two.

Miz is seething, leans down and talks smack at Riley. Riley back with blows, then shoulder blocks in a corner, but eats an elbow. A neck breaker on Riley for two. Riley slams Miz back in a neck breaker. Both men are down. Miz up on four, but eats a spear. Blows, then double handed clotheslines to Miz. Spine buster on Miz for two. Riley is frustrated. Miz counters Riley, flipping him to the mat. Miz rushes Riley and nails a corner clothesline. A neck breaker to Riley in what Cole calls 'vintage'. Riley comes back with a backslide on Miz for three.

Winner - Riley

Miz looks freaked out as Riley celebrates. Miz back in and on Riley hard. They fight to the outside, then Riley sent over the barrier. Miz slams Riley back into the barrier, then yells in Riley's face - Miz created Riley! Riley back over the barrier to ringside. Riley shoulder first into the stairs. Miz leans a heel forearm to Riley's face. Miz screams that Riley is nothing and Miz made him. The ref is still trying to stop Miz as Riley is slammed face first to announce. Miz backs off a bit, looks like he's about to cry, then rushes Riley and hit a big boot sending Riley over announce. The ref is still trying to get Miz to leave as Riley lays behind announce. Miz is still talking about how he made Riley.

Cole talking about what a strange week it's been and the comments Punk's made (never mind what he's said since then!). Video of Cena's Table Match with R-Truth. Punk costs Cena the match, then sits on the stage and lays out one of the best promos we've seen in years (and I will stand by that comment). They cut the video after Punk spoke about VKM being dead, nothing about Trip and Steph.

VKM out to the ring, strutting and smiling. I will take back the color I said his tie is. I now think it's a very pale silvery gray. He says the Punk thing had gotten out of hand. Not that he needs to tell us, but he wants to explain this Punk suspension. He deserved it. When Punk comes out and says what he says, we'd do the same. It's not the comments to him or his family, he doesn't have a thin skin. This isn't about VKM's ego, it's about doing right for each of the fans. It's what he does.

Punk was going to tell them a story about VKM. It is true that Punk's contract is coming up. VKM says Punk wanted special limo service, fly first class private transportation, the cover of the magazine and all those other things. All that crap he wasn't worthy of being on, so he wasn't on. He suspended Punk because he deserved it. CM Punk is just that, a Punk! Thanks and they'll be seeing him next week in Boston.

Cena comes out before VKM can leave. Cena asks that after a tirade like that, he's going to call him a punk and kick him to the curb. VKM says Punk suspended himself. Punk spoke his mind, something VKM thinks so highly of. The 1st Amendment, VKM can come out and say what he wants, does what he wants. Right? VKM says he does and that's why Cena's mic is still working.

Cena thanks his boss snidely. Cena says he remember when VKM was a fighter. He'd do his walk. Whoever got in VKM's way, he stood in the ring and said bring it on, I'm ready to fight! He even took down Turner! Not because VKM was a coward, but because he was a fighter. Punk says a few things that gets under his skin and VKM suspends him. Where's VKM the fighter? Has he gone soft? Are the VKM grapefruits now peach pits? That's the case, VKM doesn't want to fight anymore. Cena wants to fight and wants to fight Punk. If VKM doesn't feel like fighting, then "maybe you should hang them up, old man."
Vince says the reason he really suspended Punk. He didn't want to take a chance on Cena. Punk's beaten Cena, Cena's beaten Punk. He takes calculated risk. That's how he beat everyone who got in his way and built this empire. Bu taking calculated risks. Punk wins, then walks out the next day and into somewhere else with the strap. VKM doesn't want to be embarrassed by that. The people don't want to see that happen either.

Cena says that the billionaire, Chairman of The Board doesn't want to be embarrassed. Listen to himself. VKM says he's worried about Cena losing. Cena says he can't guarantee that he'll win, but Punk earned it and the fans want to see it! God forbid that he embarrasses VKM. As a member of the WWE Universe, he thinks MITB could be the biggest of the year. Does Punk have it, will he win? Does Cena have what it takes? Will he win? How will Cena deal with a hostile crowd? Does the kid who wrote on the side of his car at WMXXII all talk or prove he has a set and do something crazy. Sounds like the match of the year, but VKM won't let it happen, will he? Because some kid said something VKM doesn't like and is suspended. What if Cena says something to really get under his skin, does VKM suspend him?

VKM says this isn't the place to do this. This should be done in private, but don't piss him off. VKM sees the smirk on Cena's face, calls Cena on it and again tells Cena to not piss him off! Don't be Hogan. Don't be all those who came before him. He wants to be a man and talk in front of all these people? Then they'll talk in front of them. Be a man and talk. VKM says he doesn't think Cena can beat Punk.

Cena says that VKM shouldn't be embarrassed and give the people what they want! Huge pop! Cena tells VKM to listen to them. VKM needs to get over his ego.

VKM says he's not happy about this. He doesn't care about what they want. This is VKM's company, does Cena know this? This isn't Cena's company, does Cena realize this? There were many before Cena - Stone Cold Steve Austin, HBK, the list goes on and on. Doesn't Cena get that? It's not Cena's company. VKM does what's best for the company. He knows better than the fans and his decision is a good one.

Cena looks at his strap. VKM asks if they're good. Cena says it's VKM's company, he's not stupid. If this is how VKM wants to run it, he gets it, but it's not what he signed up for. He gets it that there were others - Hogan, Austin, HBK - he gets it. Everyone's replaceable, but he busts his ass for VKM. He works himself to the bone for VKM and this brand. He worries about Punk taking it and making this meaningless. He worries about making this meaningless. Cena hands over the strap and leaves.

VKM calls Cena an ingrate, how dare Cena walks out on him. VKM yells at Cena to stop. Cena stops on the stage. VKM leaves the ring, takes the strap and goes up to get in Cena's face. VKM says that he hates that this has come between them. Punk's reinstated and they have their match. Cena smirks and VKM yells in his face and yells at him to stop smiling. If Cena loses at MITB, then VKM will head right to the ring, look Cena in the face and yell, "You're fired!" VKM slams the strap into Cena's chest, then backs off. VKM drops the mic hard to the stage and stomps out. The camera tight in on Cena's somber face as the show ends.

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